Chapter 18

"screw that asshole @yannimoore" Roger tweeted with reckless abandon. He knew Yanni only had a Twitter account because someone in the office set it up for him.

Bryan Parsons down the hall and Scott Dakker would get quite a kick out of Roger's tweet, this much he was sure of.

He continued: "my job sucks #myjobsucks haha LOL @bparsons @ScottyDAKK"

He had ignorantly poor netiquette and did not care.

Roger then browsed Twitter for 30 minutes in search of celebrities he might want to talk at.

"@LeoDiCaprio Titannic SUCKS!!!!"

"@BarackObama -- hey obama how about another bailout? I could use some gas money!!"

"Your daughter's a whore @SarahPalinUSA"

"Your'e a whore @FakeBristolP !!"

"Hi mom #lovemymom"

They were too polite to say it but Bryan and Scott were both rather appalled by Roger's extremely aggressive and rude online persona. They know how inappropriate some of his tweets were for the workplace and knew better than to get involved in the digital paper trail.

After a while Roger got bored. This was definitely not the first time he'd tweeted messages to Leo and Sarah Palin and they never seemed to respond. He wasn't sure if they ever would but remained optimistic -- some stars care about the fans, after all.