Chapter 7

Gladys didn't show for over three hours.

Sharon had the patience of a rock, though, and did not complain even once at having to wait, missing her lunch break, and abandoning the chance that she might finish all that was left to do that week.

In pranced Gladys.

"Hello, Sharon," she said calmly.

"Why, hello," Sharon replied.

"The time is now 4:07pm. How can I help you?"

"Have you ever had the feeling that maybe there's something more you could be doing with your life?" Sharon asked.


"Oh. Well maybe I'm making a mountain of this molehill," Sharon said. She stood up and walked back downstairs to her own cubicle.

Gladys thought nothing of Sharon's visit. This was a not uncommon exchange and Gladys' reply was always the same.

She'dn't noticed, but in the tree above her car sat perched a family of pigeons. It wasn't Sharon's day and those who believe in karma would be astonished at the quantity of droppings those birds dropped on her poor Accord below.