Chapter 9

After some contemplation, Bojargis walked outside and got in his car.

The air was fresh. The sun was still bright in the sky, though it was clear the cheeriness of a beautiful day would not last long. He cussed. He was relieved at the moment that the work day was through but tired of spending so much time on the other side of this daily turning point.

The last school bus rolled off.

"Hey, Bojargis." It was Linda the biology teacher.

"Why, hello," Bojargis replied "how was your day?"

"It was splendid," she replied.


"Would you like to go to Taco Bell with me?" Linda inquired.

The question was near-rhetorical. Of course Bojargis would go to Taco Bell with her. He hadn't ever in his life, as best he could recall, turned down an invitation to dine on the delicious, affordable pseudo-Tex, pseudo-Mex fast food.

Within moments, Bojargis and Linda were cruising down San Saint Street.

"I heard some of your second-hour students sharing quiz answers with kids from the seventh-hour class today," Linda revealed. "Something about how Puerto Rico isn't a state but isn't a colony and isn't independent either."

"That's right. It's a 'free associated state'. Who are these cheaters? I need to know so I can fail them and report it."

"Jamie Belkin, Theodore Huxleburtonsby and that kid who always carries the soccer ball around," Linda answered.

"That kid's so weird. His name is Ungurtu Ungurtu -- doublename," said Bojargis.

"That is strange."

The two dined on a feast of chalupas, Nachos Bellgrande, and tacos.