Chapter 2

In the valley of the city of Acraborn, the people work in offices and stores and some from their homes. There are no potters for the people do not use pots, but there were shoemakers and accountants and computer programmers and thousands of network administrators and some doctors.

Roger Thomas is one of these network administrators. He lives next to a park where the trees grow and oxygenate and sway gently in the breeze and this park reminds him not of the past nor the future nor any other reality but rather a possible life vacant of responsibility and daily toils and project deliverables.

"Oh, to wake up in the morning at the crack of dawn and smell the fresh air and see the blue sky and soft white clouds" Roger thinks to himself on a daily basis, sometimes grumbling. His desire is not so much to avoid work, but instead to be free to do those things anyone would do if work weren't a de facto requirement.

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