Chapter 5

In another office 317 miles away, a man sat and contemplated the stacks of paper littering his desk.

In and effort to achieve heightened productivity nirvana, he sifted through the papers and shuffled the important ones to the top and right and the less important ones towards the back.

His writing utensils consisted of 6 pens; two in each of the principal office ink colors, one red and one green.

To himself, he silently wondered how things had ever gotten so disorganized. He never attended meetings and spent near exactly forty hours per week at the same desk in the same chair with the same high aspirations of work organization and value creation. His colleagues were careless and foolish when it comes to task management. They new nothing of the 'five-sided square' method of engagement and couldn't prioritize their upcoming responsibilities if they were clearly labeled with graphs of their respective likelihoods and impacts.

Shaking his head to refresh his thoughts, the man stood and walked down the hall for a drink of water.


  1. This is as far as i made it through your story. The lack of transitions between the chapters made it confusing, as was the unexpected shortness. I found myself spending more time wondering if i was somehow not getting the whole chapter instead of enjoying your playful and lyrical prose.

  2. I'm enjoying this more than I should be.
    Granted, it's past three-thirty in the morning.


    "In *an effort..."