Chapter 4

"Sharon," said Roger to his coworker of six years "do you know what time it is?"

From across the desk, Sharon looked up and down again to check her watch. "It's 10:30, Rog" she replied.

Two quick knocks sounded on the meeting room door and Jack the receptionist burst in somewhat disheveled. "Hey guys, the time is now 10:17am" Jack announced. He crouched and proceeded to crab-walk out of the room, carefully closing the door behind him in a manner inverse to that with which it had been opened.

"Well that was strange" Roger said.

"Tell me about it."

"I don't know why you would lie to me like that, Sharon."

"It just so happens I've been keeping a list of things you don't know. I'll add that one to it!"

"Fuck you, Sharon."

"I love you, Roger."

Three tense seconds passed before Marjorie and Dennis entered through the glass door on the opposite side of the room.

"IT'S MEETING TIME," Dennis shouted. His blue suit was crisp and clean. Dennis' attire was customarily business formal. Dennis was the operations manager of Super Megacon International's local office and had not once in his life shown anything but aggressive punctuality.

Marjorie passed around printouts of a PowerPoint presentation she'd prepared. Sharon leafed through hers, Dennis ignored the papers and Roger threw his in the garbage (not out of malice, but simply because he had forgotten there was a recycling bin on the other side of the room). Marjorie scowled and frowned to herself.

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