Chapter 22

Many people think the life of a librarian would be boring and dull. The school librarian, Linda, felt entirely differently.

She loved the thrill of receiving fresh new books. She loved the sense of accomplishment that she thought she saw spread across the faces of the children upon returning books they so thoroughly appreciated. She loved teaching the students how to use a hopelessly outdated and clunky database to search for information on the librarians' version of the internet.

It was her life and passion. Strangely, Linda was perhaps one of the cheeriest of school employees though she was never commended for arranging a science fair, leading a pep rally, or actually instilling wisdom into the youth she so furiously looked-out for. It's worth noting that Linda's passion for education and books, specifically, were unmatched by any of her peers. A librarian has no peers in a school, of course, but that is to say the teachers educational enthusiasm was like a mere island to her continent -- a double cheeseburger to her Big Mac -- or so she felt. Given the opportunity, were it somehow possible, Linda would dutifully and gladly force children to read. She would inject literature into their veins if only the nurse and science teachers would allow it. She had considered this method on several occasions, though she felt it was probably quite implausible.

In faculty meetings, Linda would openly discuss the worth of some of the lesser teachers -- your part-time language teachers, the health teacher, the gym teachers. She really had little patience for the choir teacher as well, though she was known to attend most student performances. She also had some qualms with the history teachers, but mostly because she felt history is best reflected through literature. Few others could even comprehend this notion and none shared it. Whenever Linda held the floor, most of the teachers would look away and Russ would gaze on in slack-jawed disbelief. "Splendid, Ms. Linda," he would say "thank you for sharing your opinions. Maybe next month we'll have time to discuss the firing of Monica and Mark." Linda noticed that he did not document her comments in the meeting minutes, but still felt it was worth expressing her feelings given the impending budget cuts and all.