Chapter 28

While Russ spent time making things right, Bojargis spent time making other things right.

When he returned to his classroom, some of the kids had already arrived back from lunch so he instructed them to draw pretty things.  He didn't expect they would actually succeed, but thought the process and end result might be entertaining.

Unfortunately, the only artistic implements he could offer were the large whiteboard on the wall, three dry erase markers (blue, orange and green), yellow construction paper and a box of only orange crayons.

Three of the kids eagerly volunteered and pleaded to use the whiteboard and markers.  They probably thought their publicly displayed artwork would be appreciated and not openly ridiculed.  Fools.  That's what school's for, though -- live and learn.

Not surprisingly, most of the kids drew flowers.  A couple of the boys drew women (presumably strippers) and a couple of the girls drew women (presumably fashion models).  As the remaining students arrived, their classmates told them what to do and Russ was pleased with the relative peace and ease that settled in the room.

Russ fixed his mind on more important things.  He opened Frostwire and searched feverishly for any song by Rod Stewart.  He had already amassed a collection of over 150 classic Rod Stewart hits but was ever confident that he would find more melodic treasures.

One student arrived over 10 minutes late from lunch.  "Sandy" Bojargis called out "why are you so late?"

"I don't know" she replied.

"Well that's not a very good answer.  Can't you come up with something a little more creative?"

"I was out eating dandelions and I lost track of the time."  Sandy's voice trembled.

"That's not a particularly good explanation, Sandy.  I'm not sure whether you're jerking my chain or whether that's the truth, so I'm going to let it slide."  Bojargis could not recall the last time he had eaten a dandelion.  "Sandy, it pains me to say this -- my heart truly aches -- but to make up for your tardiness I'm going to need you to come over here and stand in the corner for the next couple of hours."

Sandy was comforted by Bojargis' gentle tone but she felt she should be humiliated and devastated by the extensive punishment upon which she embarked.  Tears welled in her eyes as she strode to the corner.

Bojargis donned his headphones and listened to 'Maggie May' three consecutive times.

After a dozen minutes standing lock-kneed in the corner, Sandy fainted.  Bojargis pretended not to notice.  Sandy came to a minute later and dutifully resumed her penal standing position.