Chapter 27

Back in his office Russ shut the door and sank into his rich faux leather office chair.  He held his head in his hands for a moment and tried to wipe that morning's memory from his mind.  He was unsuccessful, but at least the pause provided a brief moment of stress relief.

He pondered his vomit-drenched slacks, crumpled in a ball in a Walmart bag on the floor of his car.  By the time the last class bell had rung, surely they would reek like a beached whale.

Russ got on the online and decided to shop for a new pair of dress pants.  He shopped long and hard.  The process took three hours.  Finally, after an exhaustive search, Russ found that which he sought.  As with many internet searches, his shopping search reached it's exciting finale on Ebay.  Russ made purchase of a lot of 50 average pairs of dress pants.  He hoped they would fit well and, at just $7 each, the risk was one he found prudent to accept.  The best part?  The lot of pants were mixed colors -- he would soon have a virtual rainbow of tan, brown, black, grey, and blue dress pants, all with predictable and consistent sizing.

This was, Russ considered, perhaps his finest moment of frugality and wisdom.

He considered that he might even be able to sell some of the fashion-averse slacks to some of his educating coworkers for a handsome profit.  This type of clever reselling would probably be frowned upon by the school board.