Chapter 30

On the seventeenth of April, Bojargis boarded the train from Acraborn to Tulsa.  He carried nothing with him but a smile, a book and a fanny pack stuffed with cash.

As he boarded, Bojargis shuffled hurriedly to his seat.  He had never been on a train before and wasn't sure what to expect.

It took what seemed like hours for the wheels to start turning.  The train moved slowly at first and then much faster.  Bojargis began to read his book after a while but soon realized he would not be able to focus on the book.  He marked his page and closed it gently.  He tried to sleep but was not tired.

After two and a half hours, Bojargias began to feel antsy.  He stood and strolled up the length of the aisle.  He ventured into the snack car and bought a dry ham sandwich.  It wasn't very good and it was kind of expensive, but he felt it was a justifiable travel expense.