Chapter 31

On the notion of farewells, Bojargis had always been rather nonchalant.  He sometimes regretted that his nonchalantness may be perceived as lack of sentiment, but it was typically not indicative of such.

On this journey, Bojargis had said no goodbyes and made precious little alert to the outside world that he would be traveling from one location to another.  He reminded himself of the wind which can be fairly predicted given a broad dataset and meteorological experience but, lacking such expertise, seems quite unpredictable and unstable and woeful.  Would some of the people he knew care to know of his trek?   Indubitably.  Should some of them be foretold?  The point would not be immediately known.  In the event of some tragedy, would they be surprised to learn of his destination?  Some because they didn't know where he previously was and others because they didn't know where nor why he had gone.

None of this mattered, though, or rather, it mattered, of course, but not so much as to alter space and time.  He would return anyway -- it was no thing.