Chapter 33

And so, bored to the point of anguish, Bojargis pranced to and fro in search of diversion or entertainment.

In a spurt of nostalgia and desperation, he traded his book to a girl with a Walkman (the genuine article) and a Garth Brooks cassette.  He had no choice but to trust the batteries were as fresh as she promised.

Now, in a generation and a people in which the written word is valued, one might rush to the conclusion that Bojargis had been taken advantage of.  And yet, in other circles it might seem clear as day or a star-filled night that it was the girl, foolish in youth, of whom advantage had been taken.

Given careful analysis, the reasonable observer can only reach one conclusion.

Henceforth Bojargis listened intently to the music and felt no regret.  He listened to the cassette 6 times.  There is perhaps no faster way to develop appreciation and contempt for Garth Brooks.