Chapter 38

Dejected Bojargis popped a squat on the curb and attempted to hatch a plan for to make what he wanted his.

It took some time, quite a great while, indeed, but eventually he was able to devise the perfect scheme.

He arose and went again to the buzzer upon the gate.

Click.  "Who is it?" the voice inquired.

Bojargis replied that he was an employee of the insurance company providing coverage of the object which he had previously attempted to purchase and stated that he would need to have a look-see at it as there had been some or other sort of matter.

Click.  "There must have been a misunderstanding -- I can assure you there's been no incident with my property" the owner proclaimed.

Bojargis shook his fist in frustration.  He tersely crowed, "listen here, sir -- why don't you just let me take a peek and we'll be on our ways, now?".

The voice replied that it was afraid not and that Bojargis had best be on his merry way.

"Curses!" he thought to him self.