Chapter 39

Some days passed and Bojargis found himself woefully sorrowed at the confounding spot in which he found himself.

A man came by and stopped next to where Bojargis sat.  The man was fit and dressed sharply:  straw hat, searsucker suit and white patton leather shoes.  He appeared to be roughly 35.

The man grumbled and mumbled slightly to himself.

Bojargis took the opportunity to explain his situation in great detail.  The man leaned slightly to one side and clicked his tongue, as if to say that he, too had had his share of tough times.

"I tell you what, though" Bojargis continued "I am in a rut.  I've been in this rut since forever.  You might say that I dwell in a rut; I'm a natural rut-dweller of sorts!  Granted, every rut has its ups and downs, but a rut is a rut and the sun doesn't always shine in a rut."

His new friend nodded gently, sampling the light breeze through his nostril holes.

"The chance of any further delay causes me to feel a great wariness" the discussion continued, with Bojargis now more specifically referring to the object of his desire which had inspired his locomo-journey "which is exceeded perhaps only by the weariness the aforementioned delays have planted within me".

The stranger began humming Whitney Houston's 'I have nothing'.  Bojargis wasn't sure what to think at first and paused to try and understand the deeper meaning of this unusual response.