Chapter 40

That evening Bojargis returned to 44434 Ticonderoga Trail and scaled the fence with spider monkey-like poise.

Once inside, the object of his dreams was only yards, precious few paces, away.  He leapt at the thought and scurried closer to confirm that which his eyes and senses were telling him.

From this point forward, things would no longer be the same.  Bojargis would henceforth be known as a man of action -- a convicted felon, also -- but more significantly, someone who goes out and gets that which he needs and/or desires.

Three-hundred and sixty-five days later Bojargis made purchase of a tattoo skin artwork for to commemorate the occasion.  He came up with the basic design himself, but left it in the hands of a skilled artisan to emblazon across the landscape of his back.  The result was beautiful.

The tattoo would one day be displayed on but purely due to a lack of understanding, not because it was anything less than strikingly handsome.