Chapter 43

His hands trembled with anticipation and nervousness.  Bojargis caressed the Dodge fenders and licked the sidewall of the front tire.  He could taste the open road and smell the air that would rush through his hair, eyes and face.

Much to his pleasure, the passenger side door was unlocked.  He slithered inside and peeled aside the steering column shroud like the husk on a ripe cob of corn.  The simile would not continue, though, as Bojargis deftly sliced and crossed and twisted the ignition wires such that the Rampage engine soon roared to life.  It kind of hummed to life, actually -- kind of like the cough of a sick cat.  The night sky was filled, literally jam-packed, with this raucous mechanical sound.

Bojargis paused for a moment to reflect on his surroundings.  He smelled the vinyl scent, fresh as can be.  The bench seat provided no meaningful lateral support.  He hadn't yet figured out how to escape from the walled fortress but luckily found that magnetic sensors opened the gate as he and the car inched towards it.  A light in the house behind was illuminated and angry glances shot down from the bedroom window above.  Many a curse word was uttered at that moment, but Bojargis and the car rolled on to their new destiny, out into the Oklahoman night.