Chapter 44

Like a timid gazelle slinking to a safari watering hole, Bojargis eased the throttle to the floor, unsure of what would henceforth happen.  The Rampage responded in a dependable, appliance-like fashion.

Before he knew it, news of his escapade had reached the local police airwaves.  A case of "grand theft auto", the crocodiles called it.  The night patrolman woke up when he heard the call and was on the case within several minutes.

As the sirens and lights tore the sky to pieces, Bojargis caught whiff of the impending hassle his actions had attracted.  He lifted his foot for a moment and then repositioned it as firmly as ever against the floor.  This was no time for anything less than full throttle.

The chase that ensued was rather low speed -- not because of the drivers' intentions but rather because of the pedestrian performance of their respective vehicles.  Bojargis piloted with F1-like precision.  The tires emitted minuscule squeals as he rounded corner after corner in the upper range of first gear.  The air whizzing and whistling by paused briefly each time the transmission clunked into second gear.

The lateness of the night worked to Bojargis' favor.  His pursuer was not yet accustomed to the darkness of night and soon became distracted and misled by a poorly placed road sign with many reflectors on it.  He crashed slowly into a ditch and would be unable to continue pursuit.  Bojargis observed the aforementioned event in his rearview mirror.  He relaxed for a moment and rounded another corner.  Ten minutes passed.

Bojargis himself grew weary of the night.  He closed an eyelid and came into an accident at the front of a train that t-boned his new ride at full speed from the right-hand side.  The damage was immense and the wreckage became engulfed in flames from the sparks and flammables that spewed every which way.  The train suffered no significant damage.  Bojargis crawled from the smashed shell of metal.  He dragged his limp, aching body back into the middle of the road and attempted to piece together that fate which had befallen him.

"Well I'll be" he thought to himself.  He began shortly thereafter to sense a sharp yet dull pain sensation in his left wrist, which was bloody and smashed thinner than normal.

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