Chapter 45

If this story were a movie, the scene would likely depict Bojargis standing mid-road.  The camera would pan around his head/body in an orbital fashion clockwise, as viewed from the sky above.  Night clouds would be seen, backlit by the moon and the sun as they do it.  The train would continue rolling by steadily, click-clack, gushing wind up and about Bojargis' cold, pale face.  The wreckage of his briefly-possessed car would glow a fuzzy orange off in the background field.

Some time passed.

As a result of a faulty crossing gate at the railway intersection and some other regulatory indiscretions on behalf of the railroad company, Bojargis soon found himself the beneficiary of a generous financial settlement to compensate for his radiocarpal injuries.  The cost of his gain was substantial, do not doubt, but he felt rather pleased with the final settlement.

A burden perhaps larger than healing his crushed wrist was explaining the nature of the injury upon returning to work the following week.  He would reveal the true cause of the injury to some but mostly blamed it on a fight with a group of hoodlums that had jumped him outside the grocery store -- the story was utterly fictitious and unrealistic but teaching folk are prone to undue nervousness so it went unquestioned.