Chapter 24

Three weeks to the day after the passing of his second ex-wife, Yanni Moore called Roger into his office.

"Roger," he said slowly "come into my office."

Roger was immediately suspect and assumed a defensive stance, physically and mentally.  He wondered what his asshole boss might want.

"Listen, Rog" Yanni began, he was well aware that Roger hated being called 'Rog', "I heard there was some sort of an incident on the Twitter the other day.  From the sounds of it, you're not too fond of the good ol' Yan-meister, if you know what I mean."

"That's about the size of it, Yanni" Roger confirmed.  "I think you're a real prick and I don't enjoy working for you.  I tweeted  that on the Twitter to the Twitterverse."

"And you're okay with that, then?  Because you know, Rog, if you feel that way -- I mean, if you really feel so strongly -- we could make this little problem go away.  When I say that, I mean we, collaboratively speaking, of course, could arrange for you to no longer work here -- if that's what your heart truly desires.  Do you get my drift?"

"I think I do" Roger replied.

"Do you get it?  Do you smell what the Yan' is cooking, Roger?  I'm not afraid to play with fire and let me tell you, Roger, I play for keeps."  Yanni's voice rose with anxiety.  His nostrils flared like a wild stallion and the armpits of his shirt were visibly damp.

"Are we done here?" Roger asked.  He wondered to himself why he would want to rush the meeting along -- this had proven to be, afterall, the most exciting part of his work week.

"No, sir!"  Yanni replied.  "There was a report of another incident.  Sharon told me that you kicked her in the leg.  Can you tell me, just give me an idea, why you did that?"

"No problem -- she's a fucking bitch!  I wish she were here right now -- I'd kick her again.  Maybe in the mouth."

Yanni did not enjoy Roger's sense of frankness.  He was woefully unable to distinguish sarcastic humor from truthful admission and, in this case, his reaction was not well-suited to either of these possibilities.

"Ok, Roger.  I think that's about enough.  Go back to your desk and get to work."  Yanni was furious on multiple levels.  He had plenty of justification to fire Roger on the spot, but didn't have the energy to do it.