Chapter 25

The lunch bell sounded at noon.

"Lunchtime, kids" Bojargis announced "everyone out."  He grabbed his keys and tore down the hallway like a grizzly bear trapped in the penguin exhibit at the zoo.  He tried not to knock any of the kids down as he stormed out to his car.

The sun was as high in the sky as it had ever been.  Bojargis retrieved his Blublockers from the glovebox and installed them upon his face.  The Rampage trumpeted to life and squealed out of the parking lot.

After three stop signs, a yield sign and two yellow lights, Bojargis tenderly lifted his foot from the accelerator.  He signaled and pulled into the A&W drive-thru.

"Welcome to A&W, how can I help you?" the voicebox machine crackled.

"Gimme a Cheddar Onion Crunch, a small french fries and a root beer."

"Is that you Mr. Nickelstorp?" the voice again crackled.  The attendee was Cindy Johnston, one of Bojargis' former students.

"You're goddamn right it's me," Bojarg replied.  "Is there some kind of teachers' union discount here?"

"The total is $5.39, pull around the window."

Bojargis proceeded to the window.  On the other side of the glass he recognized another of his former students, though he didn't recall the boy's name.  The boy asked for the amount due.

"Here you go, kid."  Bojarg handed him two crumpled one-dollar bills and a fistful of mixed change.

On the way back to school, Bojargis stopped at JL Liquors to pick up a small bottle of their finest, cheapest whiskey.