Chapter 26

One minute and 48 seconds later Bojargis rolled to a stop back in the school parking lot.  There weren't any close parking spots available, so he pulled up along the curb by the front door.

He considered for a few brief moments whether it would be best to take his lunch in to the teachers' lounge to eat, or to eat out in the car.  He chose the second of these options.

The Cheddar Onion Crunch was delicious.  It dripped and sweated flavor.

Bojargis consumed some of the root beer such that half of the 250ml bottle of Yukon Andy would fit in the cup, thus forming a peculiar fusion of alcohol and sweetness.  He drank the rest and placed the empty glass bottle on the dash so the sun would evaporate any remaining residue.

About this time Russ returned from his mid-day expedition to Walmart.  He strolled angrily across the parking lot sporting a new pair of light gray sweatpants.

"Hey, what's up, Russ?" Bojargis called out.  "Is it time for gym class?"

"Man, fuck you.  Hey is that whiskey?  I told you before Bojarg you can't be drinking out here."  Russ talked about how someone from the PTA or the schoolboard would come by and find Bojargis' conduct unbecoming of a public educator.  He even speculated and proclaimed that there's probably some union guideline against drinking on school property.

"Alright then, back to class.  This conversion has officially turned to bullshit."  Bojarg crawled out the window Dukes of Hazzard-style.  Russ was impressed with his composed serpentine maneuver, but pretended not to notice.